Our History

 The Formation of Districts

When the first Senate Meeting of Superannuated Teachers Of Ontario was held in March 1968, the voting delegates were   representative of the five affiliates of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation. Later that year, an Extension Committee was established to organize S.T.O. into geographic Areas across the province based upon the provincial county board system. On December 4, 1968, the Areas were set up:

Area 1 / Fort William *   Area 2 / Sault Ste. Marie *   Area 3 / North Bay Area *   Area 4 / Windsor

Area 5 / Waterloo *       Area 6 / St. Catharines *      Area 7 / Dufferin, Peel, Malton, Simcoe

Area 8 / Toronto Area * Area 9 / Peterborough * Area 10 / Ottawa

In 1972 the province was reorganized into Districts. In 1973, the necessary changes were made to the Constitution and some adjustments were made to the composition of districts.

Origin of District 24, Superannuated Teachers of Ontario

RTO/ERO District 24 Scarborough and East York History

Name of District: Scarborough and East York, District 24

Year of Formation: First meeting was held on February 16, 1972

Description of District: Scarborough and East York (Eastern part of Toronto) 

In 1971, Miss Marion Tyrrell, Secretary of the Provincial Superannuated Teachers of Ontario (STO, the forerunner of RTO), and Norman McLeod, an executive member, asked Jim Wilkinson, a retired public school principal in Scarborough, to organize a Scarborough/East York District. It was to be made up of retired men and women teachers from the public, separate, and secondary schools. Mr. Wilkinson contacted Mrs. Irene Panteleo re the Separate School people, and some of the Public School women lined up their people. Contact, through the school boards, was made with all the retired secondary school folk and the elementary school men.

An organizing committee was set up with representatives from all the groups. The first meeting of the Scarborough/East York District was held on February 16, 1972. Mr. Jim Wilkinson called the meeting to order and explained that the purpose of the branch was:

(1) to receive STO information

(2) to have a representative on the Senate

(3) to participate in the work of improving pensions and life in general for STO members

(4) to arrange social occasions.

Forty-two superannuated teachers were present, representing FWTAO, OPSMTF, OSSTF, and OECTA. The late Norman McLeod, formerly the principal of Leaside High School, then addressed the meeting and gave an extremely informative talk on the history of the STO, including its origin (it was formed in 1968), purpose, and achievements. He then called for nominations for the positions of executive officers for the new district.

The elections were as follows:

Chairman Mr. J. R. Wilkinson

Vice-Chairman Mr. M. Keene

Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Irene Panteleo

The Council members were chosen by their affiliate as noted:

Scarborough: Mrs. W. Grant FWTAO

Mr. E. Gallaugher OPSMTF

Mr. N. Ralph OSSTF

Mrs. I. Panteleo OECTA

East York: Miss T. Gillies FWTAO

Miss Eileen Smith FWTAO

Mr. M. Keene OPSMTF

Mr. J. Stephen OSSTF

These are our early beginnings. Mrs. Irene Panteleo continued as secretary-treasurer and later as treasurer until her death in 1982. The early days of District 24 have been taken from documents prepared by Dr. Robert Lamb.

Highlights of District Achievements:

Provincial Positions

Harolyn Panetta          Service to Others                                                                      1991

Gary Fick                      Pensions and Retirement Concerns                                    2006 - 2007

 Provincial Executive                                                                 2008 - 2009

   RTO/ERO 50th Anniversary planning Committee          2016 - 2018

   RTO/ERO Transition Nominations Committee                2017 - 2018

Bill Sparks                   Constitutional Committee                                                       2009 to present

Donna Hubel               Service to Others                                                                     2013 - 2016

George Denny             Audit Committee                                                                      2013 - 2017


Main Activities

Each year District 24 provides many activities for our members and they are well attended. The AGM, Fall Luncheon and Craft Sale, Christmas Luncheon, Golf Tournament (money is donated to Breakfast for Kids), Day Trips, New Retirees Luncheon and a Health Seminar. Other activities consist of weekly Pole Walking and monthly there are two Book Clubs, Bridge, Woodworking, Hava Java and Knitters and Crafters. Members are remembered by the Goodwill committee with cards and phone calls. To keep the members informed the newsletter, Beyond the Blackboard, is sent to all members with three publications each year. During the other months, the E-News keeps everyone up to date on the functioning of the District. Twice each year the President and Vice President attend the Provincial Senate meetings along with two observers. The secretary and treasurer keep the records of the District which are forwarded to the archivist for future use. 

Major Contributions to the Community:

Each year every District may apply to the Provincial Service to Others Committee for a grant and the following applications have been successful in District 24

Massey Early Learning Centres - 2001

Clean and Safe -2003

Muki Baum Treatment Centres - 2006

Books for Africa – 2007

Photography: Speaking Without Words (A Voice for People with Disabilities) - 2008

Touchstone Youth Centre - “Fun and Fix’ Active Learning Program - 2009

Healthy Living Art Project: 2011

Blessings in a Backpack - 2012

Yummy Tummy’s Breakfast Club - 2013

Scarborough Bluffs Music - 2015

Noteworthy Members:

Bob Lamb - author - RTO’s Early History – (found on the RTO/ERO website)


Jim Wilkinson              1972 - 73                                 Ken Webster                            1992 - 94                                       Paula Chambers                        2018 - 2020

Jack Henderson           1973 - 74                                 Gladys Heintz                         1994 - 95                                        Annemarie McKee                     2020 - 2021

Foster Jeavons             1974 - 75                                 Allan Mawson                         1995 - 96

Stan Seal                      1975 - 76                                 Bernie Chalmers (acting)         1996 - 97

Josie Clement              1976 - 77                                 Bob Duncan                            1996 - 00

Art Cantrell                 1977 - 78                                 Harolyn Panetta                       2000 - 02

Gordon Brown            1978 - 80                                 Gloria Kondziolka                    2002 - 04

Ken Hall                      1980 - 81                                 Gord Reid                               2004 - 05

Howard Eubank          1981 - 82                                 Ken Turton                              2005 - 06

Mel Holmes                 1982 - 83                                 Gary Fick                                2006 - 08

Mary Mitchell             1983 - 84                                 Bill Sparks                                2008 - 09

Herb Stevenson           1984 - 85                                 Frank Saliani                           2009 - 11

Margaret Huckins       1985 - 86                                 Donna Hubel                           2011 - 12

Frank Gould                1986 - 88                                 George Denny                         2012 - 14

Bill Parish                    1988 - 90                                 Donna Hubel                           2014 - 16

George Crinland         1990 - 91                                 Bill Sparks                                2016 - 17

Ellen McCormick        1991 - 92                                 Gary Fick                                   2017 - 18

District 24 is known for:

District 24 is known for being a very active group with great participation in all our activities, for keeping in touch with all our members each year and for being a very friendly group.

As a District, we’re most proud of:

Our members and the many, many volunteers work behind the scenes with the executive members to provide diverse and exciting programs for our members. In particular we are most proud to have run an annual golf tournament for 20 years to raise funds to support the Breakfast for Kids programs which are located in public and separate schools in the former jurisdictions of Scarborough and East York. To date we have raised over $50,000 to provide nutritious snacks and meals. Our social activities are second to none including well attended Health Seminars, two very active Book Clubs, a weekly Nordic Pole walking group year round, weekly bridge club and trips around southern Ontario to Stratford, Niagara on the Lake and Waterloo area for plays and musicals and many more.

Compiled by Donna Hubel - November 2017


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