RTO/ERO Communications


Connecting and communicating with members is a way for RTO/ERO Scarborough and East York District 24 to keep in touch with our members. We publish a Newsletter, Beyond The Blackboard, which is mailed to members at the beginning of June, October and January. Some members receive the Newsletter as a downloadable PDF. We also send out an electronic newsletter called E-News. Members that have subscribed to this receive the publication at the begining of each month when there is no Newsletter.

You can access all of our Publications via the links to your left.


Our provincial organization's publications: Renaissance, a quarterly magazine for all members; Liaison, a newsletter for district leaders and interested members; Health Matters, an information document issued by the Health Services and Insurance Committee and included in Renaissance; plus brochures, fact sheets, position papers and other resources of benefit to our members.

Social Media:

RTO/ERO, provincially, has links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr where members can connect with fellow educational retirees. Scarborough/East York District 24 does have its own Flickr account. Click on the Pictures Tab at the top.