District 24 'Breakfast for Kids' Golf Tournament


                                    "Breakfast for Kids" Golf Tournament.



District 24 raises money for the nutrition programs in East York & Scarborough through our annual Golf Tournament. Regardless of our final scores on the golf course, the kids in the nutrition programs are the real winners! The focus remains on 'giving back and paying forward’.

The funds from the ‘Breakfast for Kids’ Golf Tournament provide morning meals, snacks and lunches for students. Recipient Schools are generally located in neighbourhoods where the need is great. Even after receiving funds from both the City and the Province, the schools are struggling to provide students with food all year for 5 days of the week. Families are asked for donations but all children get the food whether they have paid or not. Sometimes the donations are used to support a ‘start up’ program in schools where a need has been identified.

The committee members work with Food Share, TFSS and Angel Foundation to decide on the schools and the size of the donations. We always make sure that we include Public and Catholic, elementary and secondary schools in Scarborough and East York. This year we also supported the Native Learning Centre East to provide nutrition to some of our most vulnerable students. Cheques are presented to each recipient school by members of the golf committee and representatives from the District 24 Executive after the Golf Tournament, usually early in November.

The volunteers who prepare and serve the food are always pleased to show off their programs and to receive the donations. Students often participate in the presentations, which is proof of the benefits of our Tournament.

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